Research report: How JBO Marketers Can Make the Most Impact in 2022

Based on an JBO竞博 market survey of 180 JBO leaders

JBO竞博 marketing research

Buyers' needs are evolving. JBO companies need to change the way they communicate with JBO buyers at every stage of their journey.

This eBook explains where JBO marketers should focus efforts to achieve growth in 2022.

Our survey of JBO marketing leaders provides insights to guide marketing decisions in 2022.

As growth goals for 2022 evolve, JBO marketers will need to re-evaluate how to bring true sales qualified leads into the funnel, and continuously prime the pipeline for success.

This research report explores:

How JBO leaders are shifting priorities in 2022.

Why JBO marketers must prioritize their buyers' needs at every stage of their journey.

→  JBO marketing tactics that produce a clear ROI.

The survey shows how companies are responding to: 

→  The new role of messaging across the buyer's journey.

→  Lengthening sales cycles and the critical function of lead nurturing. 

→  A world without lead acquisition driven by in-person events.

JBO竞博 partnered with SurveyMonkey Enterprise Services (now part of Momentive) to interview 180 JBO leaders with business and/or marketing decision-making capabilities.

Marketing research reportResearch Report: Three Critical Focal Areas for JBO Marketers in 2022